Contract Tanning

If you are interested in keeping the alligator skins you have hunted, bring them to us!

How It Works

We take in your salted alligator hides (no whole animals). We accept belly skins or Hornback skins. Please call before you bring the hides. Keep animal and hide out of direct sunlight and heat.

You choose the color and finish – limited colors and finishes for Hornbacks. You will usually have your finished skins in 10 – 12 months, depending on the schedule of the tannery.

The cost to tan your hide is based on the measurement in centimeters at the widest point across the finished alligator hide. A deposit of approximately 50% is collected with the skin.

Common Questions

Skinning should take place as soon as possible after harvest.
A fine grain mixing salt works best for curing the hide and should be applied generously.
All hides must be properly tagged and presented with proper license.

Not sure what to make with your finished alligator skins? We can help with that too. Choose from “Our Line” of products or talk to us about custom products.

We can also buy your alligator skins. Price varies with the market.

Please call to see if we are accepting skins before you come.

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Glazed Finish

The glazing of alligator and crocodile skins is performed with a special glazing machine. A polished glass or agate cylinder is fast-stroked under high pressure over the surface of the leather after it has been dyed and sprayed with finishing agents. The mirror-like finish results produce the classic shiny appearance of alligator leather goods.

Subject to Dye Lot Variation

Matte Finish

The production of matte finish alligator and crocodile skins does not involve the high-pressure stroking characteristic of the glazing process. Instead, a luster is achieved through buffing and the application of waxes and other finishing agents. This method of finishing, along with techniques such as the addition of oils to the leather and tumbling the skins in drums, produces the soft and supple feel characteristic of matte finish skins. This finish has gained wide acceptance among both manufacturers and consumers of high-quality alligator and crocodile leather goods.

Subject to Dye Lot Variation