American Alligator Specialists

Family Owned and Operated in Lafayette Since 1992

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality products, fair pricing, and the best in customer service.

We can be your alligator resource, no matter what your interest. If you are a manufacturer, designer, retailer, or consumer we are the one-stop alligator source for you.

Mark Staton, LLC considers alligators and the products made from their leather to be one of this area’s most valuable natural resources. We are dedicated to the preservation and utilization of the resource in a responsible way. “From the Swamp to the Showroom” is an expression we use here which means that we are involved with every aspect of this trade.


We take pride in supplying you with the best skin for your project. To do this, we often spend considerable time and effort sorting through stacks of skins to select the best one for the job. When we've made our selection, you can rest assured that it will not only fit the use it is intended for, but that it is also the most cost-efficient skin we have to accomplish the need.


Our experience with and understanding of alligator skins allows us to cut them in the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way. This is crucial in providing our customers with the material they need to create their luxury products for the best price.

Leather Goods

We offer many products that are not traditionally available in alligator and continue to create alligator products that match our products that match our customers' distinct lifestyles. In addition to their beauty, our alligator products are known for aging impeccably, superb workmanship and durability.

From the Swamp to the Showroom

Contract Tanning

If you are are interested in keeping the alligator skins you have hunted, bring them to us!

We accept raw alligator skin for contract tanning. We accept salted belly skins or Hornback skins (no whole animals).

You choose the color and finish – limited colors and finishes for Hornbacks. You will usually have your finished skins in 10 – 12 months, depending on the schedule of the tannery.

The cost to tan your hide is based on the measurement in centimeters at the widest point across the finished alligator hide. A deposit of approximately 50% is collected with the skin.